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About Us

We are a multi-discipline company with core experience in oil & gas,energy, project logistics management, supply chain & couriers services for onshore and offshore operations, established in 2010 Jodanl Services Ltd has been delivering cost effective solution service plans tailored to meet specific requirements of our clients. This is accomplished by learning customers’ exact objectives with regards to their internal and external requirements, thus ensuring that we provide quality services more consistently than any other service provider in the market. Our tried multi-modal system ensures international reach whatever your logistics contests and time frame is. As the preferred solution for various companies and first point of contact to increase supply chain efficiency, we are proud of our reputation and always strive to maintain it.

Support by its own office in Aberdeen and associates worldwide, we employ team of professional and fellows that follows up and follows through on each transaction’s  we manage with our global services network across countries, we aim to be the most reliable support solution, mechanical support, logistics & supply chain  and project logistics management, courier services in the market with an inspired, people-driven and dedicated approach to serving our valued customers.

Since its  establishment in 2010, JSL has been recognized as one of the most striving independent logistics & supply chain service provide for the oil & gas companies, manufactures and courier companies in north of scotland, Aberdeen

Business solutions, mechanical support, logistics and supply chain management services in a challenging markets that require expertise, inside knowledge, and reputation business can trust. This why JSL is the preferred choice of many companies in the area. Our in-depth knowledge, coupled with our regional and international service network makes us outstanding services providers in the industry.

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